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Embark on a remarkable wingshooting journey at Pilar

With 6 bedrooms and
located just 100 miles
north of Córdoba airport,
this working cattle and crop ranch
is a paradise for dove,
pigeon, and perdiz enthusiasts

Some of the hunting
is done on Pilar’s property,
depending on time of the year
and bird behavior

The key to Pilar’s success
lies in its strategic
combination of crops,
rural pastures, and
natural grasslands and
rolling hills within and
around the property.

This creates an ideal environment
for unparalleled mixed-bag opportunities

Our guests have raved about the
extraordinary bird hunting moments,
particularly unforgettable perdiz adventures,
facilitated by our meticulous habitat management
and unique location

At Pilar, our expertly planned
wingshooting days
are complemented by impeccable service
and delectable homemade cuisine

Prepare to have every box checked
for an outstanding Argentina
bird hunting experience
during your stay






Enough Talk, let's go hunting!

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